This One Person Survival Kit contain the essential items to help you get through a Civil Defence emergency, earthquake or disaster for up to 72hrs.

All items are packed securely into a multi-pocket hiker’s backpack which leaves you with your hands free, able to remain agile, to carry children or help others where needed.

Kit Includes:


Multi-pocket Rugged Backpack

Water And Purification.

4 x Water Sachets (these are ready to drink water sachets)

20 x Water Purification Tablets - Aquatabs (each tablet purifies 1 litre of water)

Light and Communication

Dynamo 4-in-1 Torch (am/fm radio tunes into Civil Defence, siren, wind up no batteries required)

Long Lasting 12 Hour Glow Stick

30 Hour Emergency Candle (Warmth / Light / Fire / Cooker)

Waterproof Matches (box)


Shelter and Warmth

Emergency Survival Sleeping Bag (wind and water resistant, retains 90% body heat)

Emergency Poncho with Hood (keeps you dry)

12hr Instant Body Warmer Heat Pack


First Aid

1 x 37 Piece First Aid Kit


Respirator Dust Mask (NIOSH N95)

Leather Palm Work Gloves

15m Nylon Rope

Safety Goggles


Hygiene Kit - each one contains:
Bar of Soap
3 Wet Naps
10ml Conditioning Shampoo
Dental Floss Pick
8ml Hand and Body Lotion
Deodorant Gel
Twin Blade Razor, Shaving Cream Packet
125mm Black Comb
3 Maxipads


3 x Pocket Tissue Packs

Notepad and Pencil

2 x Infectious Waste Bags

Deck of Survival Playing Cards (for entertainment)

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