The Kiwi ‘She’ll be right’ attitude won't save your family's life!

We need to educate and prepare ourselves now!!

As a family member it is our job to ensure the family has an emergency plan along with a Grab & Run LifePac Survival Kit.  Our buildings are rigorously engineered for earthquakes and other disasters however, we often seem to overlook something so small but so important as a Grab & Run Survival Kit giving us the peace of mind of being prepared.

Buy now survive later!

With a little bit of initiative your family can be better prepared for an emergency making the whole experience far less traumatic.

It is also the responsibility of business owners and companies to provide for their staff should a disaster happen.  A disaster of any magnitude could create a lockdown situation for an extended period of time, and your staff would remain comfortable and calm if you had a Survival Kit on hand at your work place.

One of the benefits of Grab & Run Kits over fixed cabinets is that you can quickly move them out of the damaged building and use them, rather than having to try and get back inside for your equipment.

You can help the Civil Defence and Emergency Services by being better prepared if you are evacuated or have to leave and cannot get back to your home or work place.

The Civil Defence was developed to educate and assist Kiwis in respect to emergencies in our community. We have picked a few links that we think will be of benefit to you in helping you become more knowledgeable and aware of disasters and emergencies that can happen anywhere at anytime.

Are You Prepared?

Information regarding earthquakes compiled by the New Zealand Civil Defence

Information regarding tsunami’s compiled by the New Zealand Civil Defence

Information regarding storms compiled by the New Zealand Civil Defence

Volcanic Eruption
Information regarding volcanic eruption compiled by the New Zealand Civil Defence

Information regarding floods compiled by the New Zealand Civil Defence

Information regarding landslides compiled by the New Zealand Civil Defence

Other useful help links
Who do you contact in the event of a disaster or emergency?
This link provides contact details for your closest Civil Defence

How to get ready

Are we at risk
Other interesting disaster information

Wellington fault line information