One person Kit

One person Kit
This grab and run kit contains all the essential items for one person to survive in an emergency or disaster for up to 72hrs.
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This One person kit contains all the essential items to help you get through an emergency or disaster for up to 72hrs.

All the items are packed into a comfortable backpack to allow you to remain agile while moving around.

Pack Includes:


1-Rugged Back Pack


Food and water

6-5 year shelf life 400 Calorie Food Bars (these are ready to eat)

8-Water Pouches

10-Water Purification Tablets each tablet makes any 1L of clear water safe to drink


Light and communication

Dynamo Torch-Am/Fm radio-siren/cell phone charger

1-Long lasting 12 Hour Glow Sticks

1-Warmth/ light/ fire/ Cooker 30 Hour Emergency Candle

1-5-in-1 Survival Whistle heard over a mile away!

1-Box waterproof matches


Shelter and Warmth:

1-Emergency survival Sleeping bag wind and water resistant retains 90% body heat

1-Keep Dry Emergency Ponchos with hoods

1-20hr Body Warmer heat pads

1-Tube tent


First Aid:

1-107 piece deluxe first aid kit



1-16 Function Swiss Army Style Knife

1-NIOSH N95 Dust Masks

1-Leather Palm Gloves

1-15m nylon rope

1-Safety goggles

1-Sewing kit

Hygiene and Sanitation:

1 - Hygiene Kit each one contains:



Bar of soap

10ml shampoo and conditioner,

Dental floss pick,

8ml hand and body lotion,

Deodorant gel, twin blade razor,shaving cream packet

125mm black comb, 4 maxipads




3 pocket tissue packs

1-Notepad and Pencil

1-Deck of playing cards for entertainment.


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